Diamonds and Their Metaphysical Properties

It’s arguable that Diamonds are the most luxurious and famous gemstones of all time, it’s rich history precedes it in almost any jewelry setting or dialogue. Actually, I’m wearing some right now and I’d bet on it. Outside of their sheer beauty there’s so much more to love about April’s dazzling birthstone. Diamonds go with practically everything, display power, and amplify energy. As a key component of many jewelry shops’ history – a lot of memorable fashion moments would not be possible without this gem.

Origin and History: The first diamond in the rough

Loved worldwide, diamonds are mined in various countries around the world such as Africa, Australia, Russia, India, and the United Stated but it’s believed that they were originally found in the alluvial rivers of India. They’re fairly easy to mine but getting high grade diamonds is a difficult process, only 20% of the diamonds mined are gemstone quality and used in jewelry! The rarity of good diamonds are a big factor in their desirability outside of their significance in the realm of commitment. Dating back to the 1200s, diamonds have been used to symbolize engagement between lovers and not much has changed today. 

The Life-Transforming Metaphysical Properties of Diamonds

They’re not just for grand gestures of love, there are ample reasons to invest in your first piece of diamond jewelry. Packed with abundance, diamonds are a symbol for wealth and pure courageousness. The light reflecting throughout diamonds is representative of purity and clarity. Aligned with the crown chakra, there is truly a transformative aspect of this gem that permits for life changing experiences through greater understanding. When you are definitely sure about what you want in life, it’s easier to get where you need to be and diamond provides you with everything you need to attract that. This is a gemstone for people who are working to get more out of life. By healing holes in your aura and amplifying your energy, you’ll be ready for anything in your icy gems. However, it’s smart to keep in mind the energy you put into the atmosphere while wearing diamonds, let them do the talking. 

Stylish Diamond Beads
Photo from Tiffany

Do They Make Diamond Beads?

Diamond beads do exist believe it or not! They’re way more valuable as cut loose gems but distinguishingly unique as beads. Not to be confused with Herkimer Diamond beads, Diamond beads have opaque shading with a gorgeous satin sparkle to them. Occasionally you can find them in uniform cuts but you’re more likely to find irregular nugget shaped diamond beads while shopping.

Styling Yourself in Diamonds and Common Trends

From the Kings and Queens of ancient times, to Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend and today’s icy diamond chain culture. We see our favorite celebs decked out in the most luscious diamonds at award shows and fashion editorial alike. Diamonds are hard to not focus on in any design which is why they are excellent for minimal and intricate designs alike. All diamonds do not have to be of precious gemstone quality to be used in jewelry design projects. Raw diamonds, that are often opaque, and incorporated in designs for more artisan feel. If you aren’t a fan of the standard clear gem then consider getting a colored diamond; there are Yellow, brown, grey, blue, black, orange, and pink diamonds but prepare to pay a pretty penny for them!

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