All About Turquoise: Gemstone Notes

Turquoise is a dazzling gemstone with notoriety for being the only gemstone that is also a color. This chemically classified hydrated  phosphate catches the eyes of ladies and gents alike with its blue, green, and yellowish shades. The brown and black veins are what make each piece distinguishable and oh so unique. Turquoise is often paired with Sterling Silver but jewelry designers have shown it looks exquisite with gold, brass and other metals as well.Truly a treasure, turquoise has been desired by fashionistas, traders, collectors, and royalty alike. 

Fun Fact: Turquoise has a waxy luster than can get dull when weathered. 


This earth toned  gemstone is traditionally known to resemble the point where the earth and sky meet – think of the serene feeling you’d get from a nature walk surrounded by trees and blue skies. That’s probably how the first person to have discovered this gemstone felt! Though you can find turquoise all over the world –  Poland, Mexico, Arabia, Russia, and Peru to name a few – it is said to have been originally found in Egypt over 7,500 years ago[D]. It wasn’t until the 13th century that Turkish Traders introduced the French to the gemstone who gave it the name Turquoise meaning “A Turkish Stone”.


Turquoise is considerably useful in regards to its metaphysical properties, providing clarification through spirituality and deeper understanding of the self. This purification gemstone dispels negative energies and builds an outer membrane-like psychic barrier around those wearing or wielding it. Access to a light heart permits oneself to wholly accept the good, the bad, and the ugly internally and externally. The overall benefits are life-changing, affecting the way that you carry yourself, the results can’t be dimmed! People who suffer from depression, exhaustion, or self sabotage are advised to incorporate Turquoise into your lifestyle. 

Fun Fact: Turquoise is said to change color after encounters with infidelity. 

Well known for balancing all of the chakras, Turquoise has its strong points in certain areas – the third eye, throat, and heart. Clear communication is enhanced with Turquoise because it’s in sync with the throat chakra which also controls self-expression, serenity,  and speaking your truths. Its connection with the eye chakra permits a greater understanding of spirituality while the heart chakra opens the heart to love. Circling back to the idea of Turquoise providing Clarity through spirituality – this gemstone grants its lovers with the power they need within to share themselves unapologetically with the world while trailblazing towards your dreams. 

Pisces, Cancers, and Libras are three signs that can benefit from the regular use of Turquoise. These signs are well known to be more emotionally and spiritually aware of themselves which makes them more prone to spiritual attack. Oftentimes you’ll find a lively Sagittarius rocking this gemstone because Turquoise is their birthstone.


This beautiful gemstone is perfect for statement pieces and everyday wear alike. Here are a few tips for your upcoming Turquoise jewelry project:

  • Looks great with bold solid colored beads such as white shell, pearls, coral and even red heart 
  • Often seen paired with silver – looks phenomenal with gold and silver 
  • Wood beads are another natural component that compliments the brown and black veins in turquoise.
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