Nursing Necklaces – The Perfect Beaded Gift for New Moms

Mothers Day is right around the corner and it’s time to get the new mom some new beads. The journey of nursing a new child is unique to all moms, and recently we’ve found ways to make it more easygoing for both mommy and child. Nursing necklaces are just as fashionable as they are functional. While breastfeeding and cuddling their baby, mothers wear statement necklaces that are safe and appealing to the eyes, hands and mouths of the baby. This distraction stimulates the mind and keeps babies focused on mommy and me time. 

When creating nursing necklaces remember one thing, you want them to be big and baby friendly. Beads are a huge choking hazard for kids which is why the materials your beads are made of and the size of the beads matter the most. Regular necklaces can’t be used as Nursing Necklaces because the beads can easily fly everywhere and if they’re small enough, can be swallowed. Beads made with non-toxic materials such as silicone and untreated  wood are great options, otherwise, ensure there’s no BPA Vinyl, phthalate, or other common toxins. Though a nursing necklace is not to be confused with a teething necklace, the nursing necklace may end up in your baby’s mouth so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Shoot for large hole beads: using a thicker leather or cotton rope will be best in case your necklace were to pop in the middle of mommy and me time.

We focus on teaching children shapes and colors in the early development stages and the beads you select can help your child learn early. Smooth round, oval, barrel, and rondelles are safe bead shapes to incorporate on your nursing necklace. These beads don’t have any sharp pointy edges and are easily found with large holes. When your baby grabs at these beads they’ll have a safe surface to explore touch, color, and sound. 

 Nursing Necklaces
BEBE By Me ‘Cosmopolitan’ necklace

Nursing necklaces are a hero to mothers experiencing breastfeeding aversion, and looking for a new statement piece. Rather than fidgeting, tugging hair, or scratching themselves and mom, babies find joy by engaging with nursing necklaces. Mom will feel less pain and nursing time will be more successful with the attention of your baby on the colorful and engaging piece of jewelry incorporated into feeding time. 

Not to mention these nursing necklaces can easily be statement necklaces for every day attire or even your upcoming vacation! Paired with a basic solid color tee shirt or even your favorite printed maxi dress, let the beads do the work! The versatility in use of the nursing necklace is what makes it so wonderful, solving fashion and feeding problems alike. 

Beat the possibility and plan to create a nursing necklace at your next baby shower! It’s common that baby shower parties will visit a local bead shop to pick a singular bead to create a necklace or bracelet for the baby on the way. This thoughtful gift is the perfect interactive way to show the expecting mother you’re there for them, and provide the new baby with love and support.

DIY or invest in one of these nursing bead collections today!

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