Top Good Luck Charms for your Jewelry Designs

We all can use a little good luck ever so often. Sometimes it takes incorporating a small lucky jewelry charm into your beaded designs to make a difference in your day to day endeavors. Not to mention, sometimes your beads need a bit of jewelry themselves. Jewelry charms are a fun and common way to accentuate your beaded jewelry and make a statement about who you are. Different cultures around the world have collected their own good luck charms throughout history and we find personal experiences can also create good luck memorabilia as well. When building your next personalized piece of jewelry, consider creating with intentions and incorporating lucky charms.

Common Good Luck Charms Worldwide


It’s known in england that holding on to acorns is a pretty lucky practice. Sourced from mighty oak trees,  acorns are known to not only be lucky but symbolize a long life. 


This palm shaped amulet is celebrated within Jewish and Muslim cultures alike. It dates back to Mesopotamian times and has a universal understanding as “The Hand of God”, though, hamsa actually means five. 

Four leaf clover

It’s rare to find one, theres almost 1 in a 1,000,000 chance that the clover you pick will have four leaves on it. There is a belief that Eve picked a four leaf clover when leaving the Garden of Eden with Adam. Not to mention, shamrocks are considerable lucky in Irish culture, especially that of four leaves.

Fleur de lis

The fleur de lis is heavily correlated with France and is acknowledged in various cultures worldwide but the exact origin of this amulet is unknown. This lily (or iris) is well known as a stamp of modern times and seen throughout art. The lily is known to be associated with Virgin Mary so religiously, the sign of the Fleur de lis has been associated with an absence of innocence or impurity.


This american symbol for good luck is a favorite in the jewelry making field, horseshoe charms are pretty easy to find. Horseshoes are to be hung above your door and are symbolic for protection and good luck. Wearing it above the heart on a necklace or bracelet is suggested to provide you with protection and good luck in regards to love as well. 

Triple Seven

Like 444 or 111, 777 is an angel number with a divine message. When the number 777 is presented it is said that you are enlightened with greater understanding and good fortune is present. Finding a funky 777 bead is difficult but not impossible. 777 Charms are made in the form of slot machines and in beautiful script for metal jewelry charms.

Rabbits foot

Another worldwide talisman, rabbits feet are known to be carried around for good luck. The origin of this charm comes from the Celtics and is only effective if using the back left foot of the rabbit. It’s pretty common to have an authentic rabbits foot but a charm variation is just as lucky with the right intention. 

When you’re beading consider adding some of your favorite good luck charms to the design. Though there are a lot of good luck charms ingrained within history, some items just have a lucky history thats unique to you. Whether it was the dream catcher from your family homes living room or a teddy bear you couldn’t sleep without – lucky charms are the beautiful accents that help you have a beautiful and mighty fortunate day.

Worry Beads

These are smooth round beads that are therapeutic to the touch. Known to ease any feelings of anxiety, worry beads bring you peace and alignment with your greater purpose. With the luck of worry beads, you’ll be prepared for anything and on the path to achieving your dreams.

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